April 20 2014 – Lilly Alien Music Video: Its Hard Out Here

Lilly Alien Music video: Its Hard Out Here


Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0CazRHB0so

This video received a lot of controversy, specifically because Lilly Alien apparently used too many African American dancers in a sexual depiction. Many women condemned her for perpetuating stereotypes instead of applauding her as a feminist hero.

What I don’t understand is how people can think she’s perpetuating stereotype when she has clearly set up a satirical video. She is expressing the overly sexed portrayal of women in the music industry and what you have to do to succeed. At one point she literally says, “If you can’t detect the sarcasm then you’ve misunderstood”.

She also has an Asian woman a Caucasian woman and a overweight white woman in the video with 3 black women who are all different shades of skin color. Since when did we decide it’s okay to group completely different looking people in the same category? Oh that’s right it’s because they’re all under privileged minorities. Women as a category may not be a minority but they certainly are treated like them. I don’t understand why women look for reasons to hate feminism instead of joining together to fight it.

Relevance/ Importance: The lack of public understanding for Media Hyperbole when it comes to certain subject matter.

 Trilogy: Information Persuasion Entertainment


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