Critical Frameworks

These Critical Frameworks will be used to analyze media throughout the Think piece papers and the relevance/importance section of the journal entries.

Critical Framework of Mass Media Analysis: tool or methodology that we can use to analyze media messages

Form: Storytellers, structure, organization, the form of a story narrative.

Content: The media message itself goes into the form. Contains the meaning for the audience. (Themes and substances)

Context: Context of time and place that society was in for a given piece of media (Media reflects the context of the time/climate of opinion).

Style /Aesthetics: Special effects, camera shots, camera angels. Musical score, musical background, CGI.

Genre: Genre is a term, theory and critical framework. Allows a critic or consumer to do many things, compare and contrast categories and similarities and differences.

Effectiveness: “Did the media message accomplish it’s goals and purposes” – that’s the effectiveness of a media message.

Image/Character: Image/character analysis is the major characters in a sitcom/movie/reality TV etc. You describe the character and what they represent in society. (You can get to content by doing character analysis).

Ethical/Morality/Fairness: (Bias vs. balance), Ethos or credibility, considering point of view, “Where is the message coming from?”

Function Purpose (inform/persuade/entertain): The use of the media is any combination of information, persuasion or entertainment, (can also be all of them)

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