Functions of the media

These functions are crucial for understanding the relevance of this blog.

  1. The mass media shapes form and reinforce our perceptions and beliefs (they shape our attitudes and tell us what to think).
  1. The mass media reflects creates and distorts reality. (Tell us how to behave, sensationalize and dramatize).
  1. The mass media inform, persuade, and entertain, (can be in any combination).
  1. The mass media sets the public agenda, (they tell us what to think about/ what is important –agenda setting theory).
  1. The mass media are ephemeral, immediate and ever changing. (There today gone tomorrow, constantly changing, instant information).
  1. The mass media targets and serves a vast diverse and heterogeneous audience and have turned the world into Marshal McLuhan’s “Global village” -> technology has turned the world into a village and brought us closer together.
  1. The mass media establishes social norms -> tells us how to behave what’s right/wrong what we should strive for.
  1. The mass media affects human behavior (ex. TV violence and aggressive behavior) (The way we think -> if kids watch violent TV they will be violent).
  1. The mass media sensationalize dramatize and exaggerate their messages and are often routinely conflict filled. i.e. time magazine altering OJ Simpsons picture.

   10. The mass media are a billion dollar industry run and influenced by advertising as well as powerful corporate money (Most TV   stations/ magazines are owned by a major corporation.



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